Este fin de semana ha sido de los más intensos del año. Festejando nuevamente el festival Lollapalooza 2011 en Chicago, elegimos los mejores sets de las mejores bandas que eran un chingo o casi todas para que puedas revivir el momento fumando mota

Foster The People (Setlist Lollapalooza 2011):


“Miss You”
“Call It What You Want”
“Life On The Nickel”
“I Would Do Anything For You”
“Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls)”
“Heart Of Gold (Neil Young cover)”
“Pumped Up Kicks”
“Helena Beat”


Coldplay (Setlist Lollapalooza 2011):


“Back To The Future Theme (Intro)”
“Hurts Like Heaven”
“In My Place”
“Major Minus”
“The Scientist”
“Violet Hill”
“God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”
“Everything’s Not Lost”
“Us Against The World”
“Viva La Vida”
“Charlie Brown”
“Life Is For Living”


“Fix You (Intro de Rehab – Amy Wnehouse)”
“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”


The Vaccines (Setlist Lollapalooza 2011):


“Blow It Up”
“Post Break-Up Sex”
“Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)”
“A  Lack Of Understanding”
“Under Your Thumb”
“All In White”
“If You Wanna”
“Wolf Pack”
“We’re Happening”
“Family Friend”
“Good Guys (Don’t Wear White)”

Delta Spirit (Setlist Lollapalooza 2011):


“Bleeding Bells”
“Bushwick Blues”
“Strange Vine”
“White Table”
Nueva Cancion
“People, C’mon”
“Tear It Up”

Two Door Cinema Club (Setlist Lollapalooza 2011):


“Cigarettes In The Theatre”
“Undercover Martyn”
“Do You Want It All”
“This Is The Life”
“Something Good Can Work”
“Sleep Alone”
“Costume Party”
“You’re Not Stubborn”
“Eat That Up, It’s Good For You”
“What You Know”
“Come Back Home”
“I Can Talk”

The Naked and Famous (Setlist Lollapalooza 2011):


“All Of This”
“Punching In A Dream”
“A Wolf In Geek’s Clothing”
“The Sun”
“No Way”
“Girls Like You”
“Young Blood”

Foo Fighters (Setlist Lollapalooza 2011):


“Bridge Burning”
“The Pretender”
“My Hero”
“Learn To Fly”
“White Limo”
“Cold Day In The Sun (dedicada a Perry Farrel)”
“Long Road To Ruin”
“Stacked Actors”
“Monkey Wrench”
“Let It Die”
“These Days”
“Times Like These”
“Young Man Blues (Mose Allison cover)”
“Best Of You”
“Skin And Bones”
“Everlong (Performance de Perry Farrel con “Mountain Song” de Jane’s Addiction)”

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